Coloured Surfacing

Coloured High Friction Surfacing (HAPAS/BBA Approved) & Coloured Surfacing

Coloured High Friction Surfacing

Coloured Surfacing systems for use in all traffic and pedestrian areas where colour and demarcation is the key.

‘Coloured Surfacing or Coloured High Friction Surfacing’ was widely adapted from High Friction Surfacing in the mid to late 1990’s.  These products make use of pigmented calcined bauxite, which is naturally grey or buff after the calcining process of the mined bauxite.  Pigmentation is achieved using coloured resins, applied to the bauxite either before or during the installation process.  Only some products make use of a pigmented binder to encapsulate the bauxite in the installed process.

‘Coloured Surfacing’ using High Friction standard components should be used predominantly where the highest PSV is the primary design consideration and the colour is secondary.  An example of this is the use of Red High Friction Surfacing on the approach to a Pelican or Zebra Crossing.

‘Coloured High Friction Surfacing’ is available from HMS® Decorative Surfacing Ltd with accreditation for any class of highway in the UK under the BBA (British Board of Agrément) standard and HMS® Decorative Surfacing Ltd is a BBA ‘Approved Installer’ (Installer Number 5020).  The performance of any coloured surfacing product is enhanced when a coloured resin binder is used.

Coloured Surfacing

‘Coloured Surfacing’ outperforms ‘Coloured High Friction Surfacing’ in colour retention, using high PSV naturally occurring coloured aggregates.  These systems are the preferred choice where colour is the prime consideration and PSV is secondary.  ‘Coloured Surfacing’ not only minimises colour fade when in service, but due to the special texture of these resin systems, their SRV skid resistance is typically far higher than the SRV of normal asphalts and other bituminous surfacing which uses natural coloured aggregates.

HMS® Decorative Surfacing Ltd offer a wide range of quality systems from a number of manufacturers to ensure you can choose the best possible system for your application. There is a choice of colours and aggregates, designed for use in many situations where there is a requirement to segregate road users, parking or any other type of traffic, such as pedestrians or cyclists.