HMS is a specialist surface contractor and has a range of solutions available for the Highways Agency, Main Contractors, County and Local councils. 

Resin Bonded Decra®Stone
We offer a non-porous surfacing treatment using resin bonded gravel. Trading as Decra®Stone, it is a process consisting of specially selected natural aggregates bonded with high-performance resins to produce a hard wearing, long-lasting decorative finish. It is suitable for use on driveways, paths, courtyards, walkways and roads.

Resin Bound Decra®Set
Trading as Decra®Set, our porous paving offer is permeable resin bound gravel. It is a decorative surfacing process consisting of specially selected natural, coloured or recycled aggregates bound with high performance resins to produce a long-lasting smooth, hard wearing UV stable decorative finish. It is suitable for use on driveways, paths, courtyards, walkways, parkways and roads.

Tree Pit®
This is a water permeable, porous surface treatment for surrounding trees. It comprises a decorative surfacing process designed to provide an open textured, highly porous surface suitable for application up to the tree base, whilst still allowing water to naturally filter through the Tree Pit surfacing to the roots.

High Friction surfacing
We offer a range of High Friction surfacing solutions tailored to meet the demands of any site. HMS is accredited to install both Hot and Cold Applied Type 1 Highways Agency Approved material is a variety of finishes. Tens of thousands of square metres are laid each year to improve the safety and functionality of road junctions, roundabouts and crossings. HMS only use HAPAS & BBA approved materials and install using a fully qualified and certified workforce.

Decra®Print Imprinted Surfacing
HMS Imprinted Surfacing is a hot applied resin based compound and a modern alternative to blocks, slabs and cobbles. It is made of synthetic (non-bituminous) asphalt based compound, incorporating granite aggregate and reinforced with metal and glass fibres. It is suitable for use on driveways, foot ways and roads and comes in a wide range of colours, and can replicate many patterns including block paving, cobbles, granite sets and paving slabs. 

Coloured Aggregates
HMS coloured natural aggregates are the preferred choice where colour is the prime consideration and PSV is secondary. Coloured Surfacing not only minimises colour fade when in service, but due to the texture of these resin systems, the SRV is typically far higher then the SRV of normal asphalts and other bituminous surfacing which incorporates natural coloured aggregates. 

Safelane® from Safecote
Installed by HMS, Safelane® from Safecote is a specialist surface overlay system comprising of 1-3mm or 6-10mm aggregate, applied using an epoxy resin. The aggregate used acts as a sponge, allowing de-icing chemicals to sink deep into the pores of the Safelane aggregate and is then released slowly when the temperature falls to freezing point. It is suitable for areas requiring slip resistant surfacing.