Decra®Stone - Resin Bonded

Decra Stone Resin Bonded Surface Dressing

Decra®Stone Resin Bonded

HMS® Decra®-Stone resin bonded surfacing is a non permeable decorative finish. It is a process consisting of specially selected natural aggregates bonded with high performance resins to produce a long lasting smooth, hard-wearing decorative finish. It is suitable for use on driveways, paths, courtyards,walkways, parks and other areas of hard standing.

Due to the nature of Decra Stone, it will not move or migrate stones or loose chippings, making it especially favourable for driveways and trafficked areas. A wide range of aggregates are available, allowing you to confidently select the one appropriate to your requirements.

The benefits of using Decra®-Stone Resin Bonded Surfacing include:

  • No weeding
  • No raking
  • No migration of stone
  • Beautiful finishes
  • Durability
  • Environmentally friendly

Useful information when considering Decra®-Stone:

    • Decra®-Stone resin bonded surfacing is best applied to clean, sound & un-damaged close graded asphalt or tarmac surfaces
    • Decra®-Stone can be applied to concrete or wood surfaces with the appropriate primers or preparatory work
    • HMS® work in partnership with several reputable civils companies if more extensive ground works are required before decorative dressings can be applied.
    • Decra®-Stone cannot be applied directly to poor, loose or damaged surfacing, crazy paving, slabs or other non-sound surface materials.

Click HERE to view and download the PDF Specification Document for Decra®Stone