HMS Decra®Seal is the first in our new range of specialist indoor-suited resin based surfacing finishes.

Decra®Seal has been developed from a more traditional porous resin bound paving system, where the modern, contemporary finish of encapsulated aggregate is required, but without the porosity, which is not necessarily suited to an internal environment.

The Decra®Seal surfacing is initially installed in much the same way as a Decra®Set porous system, whereby specialist decorative aggregates are selected to create the desired colour and texture, before being encapsulated in UV stable binders and hand-laid to a smooth finish. For indoor use, the Decra®Seal can be laid to a concrete or latex floor screed or other sound base, with a recommended installation depth of between 15mm – 22mm dependant un usage.

Once cured, the surfacing is then carefully hand-screeded with a specially formulated clear grout sealer. This purpose designed sealer-coat acts as a void filler to reduce the porous recesses within the construction, and seal the top of the surfacing, without compromising the visual finish of the product.

Once fully cured, Decra®Seal can be cleaned and maintained in the same way as any other internal hard flooring, and is an excellent, contemporary choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

Decra®Seal is also very well suited to commercial and industrial use, such as restaurants, shopping centres and offices. Decra®Seal lends itself very well to indoor-outdoor transitioning as an identical aggregate blend can be installed right the way from inside to outside, creating a seamless flooring system across an entire scheme.

Decra®Seal is available in a wide range of mixes and colours, and is also suitable for external application.