HMS: Working towards Constructionline Gold Award

At HMS we believe that you’re only as good as your latest achievement, and as such we’re always looking at strategies to improve and develop the business, with the sole objective to better serve our clients.

We regularly work with a broad spectrum of customers, from property developers, Local Authorities and surfacing contractors, through to large multi-national civils companies. This means that sometimes we have to make special arrangements to meet with the strict requirements of working within such large scale organisations.

Therefore we have upgraded our Constructionline registration to Gold Award Standard.

This has many benefits to us as a business and offers significantly increased level of assurance to our new and existing client base. Our new certificate level scrutinises every element of our trading activity to include business arrangements, environmental impacts, health and safety, quality assurance and much more.

As an added bonus, this has opened doors by way of an opportunity to further develop our relationship with global civils firm Balfour Beatty.

HMS prioritises producing consistently high quality work in a safe, environmentally friendly manner, regardless of the task in hand. Our decision to become a Gold Award member will make it even easier for our prospective clients to clearly see our social value, commitment to lowering environmental impact and dedication to quality workmanship, than ever before.