High Friction Surfacing Type 1 Hot & Cold Applied

High Friction Surfacing – HAPAS/BBA Approved

High Friction Surfacing, more commonly known as ‘Anti-skid’ surfacing, is an epoxy resin process dressed with high PSV calcined bauxite aggregate.  HMS® high friction surfacing is available in either HAPAS/BBA Approved Type 1 Hot or Cold lay, and installed by HAPAS & BBA Approved installers.

Today, Hot Applied and Cold Applied are the two generic processes of High Friction Surfacing available and ‘Type 1’ accreditation is the highest quality standard, under the BBA (British Board of Agrément) certification scheme. HMS is accredited as a ‘BBA Approved Installer’ (Installer Number 5020).

Only ‘Type 1’ high friction surfacing processes are permitted on motorway and trunk roads. Both the product and the installer must be individually accredited for the installed high friction surfacing to conform to Clause 924 of the Specification For Highway Works.

HMS® Decorative Surfacing will offer BBA approved products wherever possible, however BBA accredited High Friction Surfacing may not always be the most appropriate solution. To meet all demands, HMS® Decorative Surfacing Ltd are able to offer other specialist processes for projects off the highway which require special consideration.

Click HERE to download the High Friction Surfacing Installer Certificate.