With Halloween almost upon us, it’s practically impossible to deny that winter is very much on the way, if not here already! And with it comes wet weather, low temperatures and what appears to be an impossible quantity of fallen leaves, which seem to multiply the minute they are collected and swept away!

However there are a number of things we would recommend you do to keep your outside spaces not only looking tidy throughout the winter period, but more importantly safe to use:

  1. Despite it appearing to be an endless task, we strongly recommend keeping on top of fallen leaves on your driveways, footpaths and other areas that you walk on or use regularly. Even small quantities of leaves can very quickly become slimy and slippery if left discarded, causing a very real slip hazard!
  • Protect or put away any items that will be unused throughout the winter such as garden furniture, bikes, toys and other outdoor items. Not only will this prolong the life of things like wooden garden furniture, nobody wants to ‘accidentally’ rediscover a pair of roller-skates covered in 6 inches’ of snow…
  • Treat areas prone to standing water or iciness with a de-icer or salt grit product BEFORE it gets slippery. Both our Decra®Stone resin bonded and Decra®Set resin bound paving systems can be safely treated with de-icing products without causing damage to the surface. Coupled with their already high level of slip resistance, our surfacing products are a great way to ensure safe under-foot use during the coldest weather.
  • Just the same as with BBQ’s and firepits etc. throughout summer, do not be tempted to light bonfires or fireworks directly off of resin bound or bonded paving as red-hot sparks and waste can easily burn or scorch the surface. This can be very difficult to clean and even more tricky to repair. Explicit care should be taken at all times when using fireworks or open fires of any sort.

HMS resin bound and resin bonded paving is an excellent choice for vehicle, pedestrian and recreational areas all year round. Designed to withstand extremes of temperatures without the risk of cracking, super slip-resistant both under foot and by vehicle use, plus looking smart with the added benefit of safety, our paving products will see you right through winter and beyond, year after year.