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Decra-Set Extra Strength Porous Resin Bound Paving Trade Kit – Resin Only

£36.50 + VAT


Decra®Set Extra Strength Trade Kit – Resin Only:

Up to 4m² Coverage @ 15mm depth

Decra®Set Extra Strength Trade Kit contains all the necessary resin components for the application of resin bound paving. The combined resin weight is 6.5kg, to include Parts A & B, and is recommended for use with 100kg of specialist washed and dried decorative aggregate (4 x 25kg bags – not supplied). Our Extra Strength resin offers commercial-grade durability, especially recommended for darker blends.

Decra®Set resin bound porous paving is a fantastic modern alternative to more traditional surfacing options. Available in a huge variety of colours, Decra®Set is an extremely durable, fully porous contemporary surfacing system, compliant with Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) requirements.

Decra®Set is specifically designed for laying driveways, patios, footpaths, and other areas of hard landscaping, to include vehicle trafficked and parking areas.

1 x Decra®Set Extra Strength Trade Kit will cover 4m² + based on the following recommended installation depths:

  • light use i.e. patios and footpaths = 15mm
  • medium use i.e. normal driveway = 18mm
  • heavier use i.e. commercial            = 20mm


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Decra®Set Extra Strength Trade Kit – Resin Only:

1 x pack includes:

1 x Part A Resin Component

1 x Part B Resin Component

Please Note: this pack contains resin only, and does not include decorative aggregate.

CLICK HERE to download our Decra®Set Application Guide

Recommended to complete your project:

  • 100kg (per 6.5kg kit) of suitable decorative aggregate (4 x 25kg bags)
  • Forced Action mixer
  • Flat headed squeegee
  • High torque drill with helical whisk attachment
  • Floor trowel
  • Wheel barrow
  • Fine crushed glass/kiln dried sand
  • Polythene to protect floor and line your wheelbarrow
  • Masking tape
  • White spirits & cloths
  • Tape measure
  • Disposable gloves

Good to Know:

Always check the dimensions of your application area before commencing work, to make 100% sure you have enough material to complete your project. We would recommend factoring a 10% contingency when ordering materials, as surface porosity and depth may vary.

Once Part A & B are combined, the pot-life of the product is approximately 15 minutes and should be used immediately.

Cooler weather increases product curing time.

Fully compacted uncured surfacing can be scattered with fine glass/sand particles to increase slip-resistance.

Do not lay in wet weather.

Do not lay below 5 degrees centigrade.

Aggregate packaging design may vary.

We strongly recommend reading the Application Guide fully before commencing work.