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Decra-Set UVR Tree Pit Trade Kit – Including Aggregate

£79.00 + VAT


Decra®Set UVR Tree Pit Trade Kit – Resin Bound Paving System for Tree Surrounds:

Decra®Set UVR Tree Pit Trade Kit is your complete DIY solution for laying resin bound surfacing to Tree Surrounds. The combined resin weight is 6.5kg, to include Parts A & B, and is supplied with 100kg (4 x 25kg bags) of specialist washed and dried decorative aggregate. UV stable resin components protect against sunlight discolouration, making it the perfect choice for lighter aggregate blends.

Decra®Set UVR Tree Pit is a fantastic modern alternative to more traditional tree surround options, such as iron grilles, which are expensive and can collect debris. Available in a huge variety of colours, Decra®Set Tree Pit is an extremely durable, fully porous contemporary surfacing system, compliant with Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) requirements. The addition of a 6-10mm recommended aggregate grade increases porosity, allowing for water and air to flow freely to tree root systems of both new and mature trees.

HMS Tree Pit is also compatible with additional watering systems such as Greenleaf.

Choose from a wide variety of colour options to include our standard range,  get creative and blend your own bespoke mix, or we can confidently colour match any sample you may have from a competitor supplier.

1 x Decra®Set UVR Tree Pit Trade Kit will cover up to 1.2m² based on an average installation depth of 50mm on to a granular well compacted base. Tree Pit installation depths may vary between 40mm – 100mm depending on individual requirements.

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Decra®Set UVR Tree Pit Trade Kit – Including Aggregate:

1 x pack includes:

1 x Part A UVR Tree Pit Resin Component

1 x Part B UVR Tree Pit Resin Component

4 x 25kg Bags of 6-10mm Decorative Aggregate (colour variable dependent on chosen finish)

CLICK HERE to download our Decra®Set Application Guide

Recommended to complete your project:

  • Forced Action mixer
  • VA5 Catalyst
  • Flat headed squeegee
  • High torque drill with helical whisk attachment
  • Floor trowel
  • Wheel barrow
  • Fine crushed glass/kiln dried sand
  • Polythene to protect floor and line your wheelbarrow
  • Masking tape
  • White spirits & cloths
  • Tape measure
  • Disposable gloves

Good to Know:

Always check the dimensions of your application area before commencing work, to make 100% sure you have enough material to complete your project. We would recommend factoring a 10% contingency when ordering materials, as surface porosity and depth may vary.

Cooler weather increases product curing time. In colder temperatures, the prescribed amount of VA5 Catalyst is recommended to be added to the resin mix to stabalise curing.

Fully compacted uncured surfacing can be scattered with fine glass/sand particles to increase slip-resistance.

Do not lay in wet weather.

Do not lay below 5 degrees centigrade.

Aggregate packaging design may vary.

We strongly recommend reading the Application Guide & Method Statement fully before commencing work.