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VA5 Catalyst

VA5 Catalyst

£12.95 + VAT

Catalyst to be used as part of the Decra®Set UVR binder system for resin bound paving

Catalyst VA5 is a clear liquid component that has been developed to adapt the curing times of the Decra-Set UVR resin bound system. A small amount of Catalyst VA5 can be added to each batch of Decra-Set UVR to speed up the curing process. On warm summer days where ambient temperatures are relatively high, little or no catalyst is necessary because the warmth of the materials and substrate will, in themselves, accelerate the cure speed. However, on cold winter days where the ambient temperature will not assist the cure in itself, more catalyst will need to be added to the mix in order to bring the cure time down to a matter of hours.

Catalyst VA5 should initially be used sparingly taking into account site specific conditions such as the expected temperature and any other site requirements. Be mindful that it is easier to add more Catalyst VA5 if required then it is to work with a system that is curing rapidly, since Catalyst VA5 once mixed in with the Decra-Set UVR Resin components cannot be removed.

Pot-life with be approximately 10-15 minutes dependent on quantity of catalyst to resin ratio, and ambient weather conditions.


VA5 Catalyst

  • 250ml Pack Size
  • Adapts the curing time of Decra®Set UVR for specific weather or site conditions
  • Adjustable curing

How do I apply it?

When purchasing Catalyst VA5, you will receive a 250ml bottle of clear catalyst liquid. It is important to note that only a small amount of Catalyst VA5 is advised initially depending on temperature and how long you wish the system to cure, not the entire contents of the bottle.

The Catalyst VA5 should be measured and added to the Decra-Set UVR base (Part A) prior to the addition of the Decra-Set UVR activator (Part B). All three of the components are then mixed together using a drill and paddle, and the remaining application method can commence.


Catalyst VA5 is used to adapt the curing and working time of Decra-Set UVR. The resin bound paving installer should be aware that there are many factors to consider when deciding on the dosage level, these include; how long does he want to allow for curing, how much working time does he require to apply the system, what is the ambient temperature, what is the temperature of the aggregate and what is the temperature of the sub-base. When working on larger projects, it may be advisable to consider a different curing time for batches at the early part of the day compared to later in the day. Each installer may have a preference on how much working time they prefer and what is a reasonable curing time.