Our blogs and case studies frequently highlight the benefits of using resin bound and resin bonded paving systems for specific uses or project requirements, with usually one or the other being more suitable for the intended installation. Whether this is down to skid resistance, the requirement for porosity or the overall aesthetic, one is often favoured over the other.

However, our Decra®Set resin bound and Decra®Stone resin bonded surface treatment can be effectively used together on the same site, to solve a variety of issues!

For example, resin bound paving is an excellent choice for where surface porosity is required, as well as contemporary and stylish in appearance.

However, resin bound paving can often require more extensive preparatory works in comparison to bonded surfacing and as such this can elevate the cost, especially on larger areas.

One solution would be to use our SUDS compliant bound paving in the areas that would benefit most from all its attributes such as being porous, while other areas that maybe do not require drainage could be finished using a corresponding resin bonded Decra®Stone material.

Utilising a dual paving system not only looks fantastic, as all of our natural aggregate products can be colour matched, but can save you and your client money by installing the most cost effective system available, and ultimately not paying for things you don’t need.

Similarly our Decra®Stone surfacing can offer excellent slip resistance, making it the perfect choice for slopes, ramps and other areas where under-foot and vehicle safety is paramount. Both of our resin systems offer excellent non-slip properties, with the addition be being suitable to treat with de-icing products such as salts and grit.

So if your scheme requires an element of porosity, coupled with uneven layout or the requirement for enhanced slip resistance for example, then considering a combination of our resin bound and resin bonded paving options may hold the answer!