Resin Bonded Surfacing - Decra®Stone

What is resin bonded surface dressing?

Decra®Stone is a non-permeable decorative surface that uses natural aggregates bonded with high performance resins to ensure your outdoor spaces stand the test of time. It is a low maintenance and hard-wearing surface that looks clean and modern.

Choose from a wide variety of colours and finishes for your resin bonded surface dressing and add a high quality, bespoke touch to your project.

• No weeding – A sealed surface prevents weed growth up to 100%
• Very little stone migration – Long-lasting and value for money
• Highly durable and slip resistant – Great for slopes, ramps and winter conditions
• Environmentally friendly – Non-hazardous binders and natural aggregates

Where can I use resin surface dressings?

Our resin surfacing is highly recommended for many types of hard landscaping. From vehicles to pedestrian use, Decra®Stone is designed to last.

Transform driveways and carparks, footpaths, pedestrian areas, bridges and more. Our contract grade materials are proven for effective use on all domestic, commercial and industrial projects.

What preparation is needed?

Resin bonded surfacing is most effective when laid to a close graded tarmac or sound concrete base. All surface areas should be clear of weeds, dirt and grease, and must be dry before application.

Decra®Stone can be applied to new or existing areas, meaning that preparation work and costs can be minimal.

What are the resin bonded surfacing costs?

A resin bonded surface is a fantastic and economic way to renovate and preserve areas of hard landscaping.

Choosing HMS for your supply and installation can mean that the resin bonded surfacing price is as little as £20 – £30 per m², based on individual project assessment.

Did you know that your costs can be lowered even further by installing the product yourself?

Our DIY resin bonded surfacing kits can save you over 40% and you will still get the same great level of service and support from us.

You will find everything you need on our website, including free application guides and tutorial videos, with no account or login required.

You will find all the materials, tools and accessories to make a success of your project in our online sales area.

Click HERE to view and download the PDF Specification Document for HMS® Decra®Stone Resin Bonded