This week see’s the vast majority of schools returning after the summer break [much to everyone’s relief]… and with that, we thought we’d take the opportunity to swat up on some facts (and fiction) about resin surfacing!

True: there are over 50 different colours and blends to choose from in our standard range of resin bound and resin bonded surfacing, plus countless others that can be custom designed from our extensive range of specialist aggregates, all in stock at our Midlands Head Office!

False: you can use any stone in resin surface dressing. Resin bound and bonded surfacing must be laid using only super-washed and kiln dried specialist decorative aggregates. Using substandard, wet or dirty stone, such as landscaping gravel from a garden centre can seriously ruin the finish, and result in a very costly mistake.

True: resin paving can be laid to a variety of base constructions, and doesn’t necessarily have to be brand new to achieve great results! As long as your base (ideally tarmac or concrete) is sound, clean and dry, your finished result can be still be excellent. Clean off existing surfaces to remove any dirt, leaves or general detritus before installing, and if power washing, allow to fully air-dry before applying resin surfacing.

False: resin surfacing can be applied to ANY base surface. Resin bound paving should be applied to good quality, sound surfacing such as tarmac or concrete. Applying to uneven surfaces such as block or crazy paving can cause extensive cracking as the blocks move underneath. Any surface that is cracked, or not sufficiently repaired can also cause reflective cracking through resin surfacing.

True: resin surfacing can be applied all year round. As long as you follow the rules relating to weather and temperature, installations can still be carried out during suitable winter days! Ambient and ground temperatures should be in excess of 5c, and the weather should be dry, both during and up to 24 hours after completion. Do not risk laying resin surfacing in wet or freezing temperatures as this can drastically inhibit curing times and the overall appearance of your finish.

False: you can use any equipment, like a cement mixer to install resin surfacing. To get the best results, resin bound paving particularly should be mixed using a forced action mixer to ensure even distribution of resin and stone. The can be purchased through Baron Mixers, or hired from most national hire shops. Do not be tempted to mix materials in a cement mixer, or manually such as in a bucket, as this does not guarantee an even blend!

True: lots of information including application guides, technical data and tutorial videos are available to view and download from our website, all completely free of charge, and without any account or login details required!