When you’ve completed your amazing new resin surfacing, you’ll want to know how to keep it looking fantastic!

Resin bound and resin bonded products from HMS are designed specifically to require very little in the way of maintenance and up-keep, with the surfacing allowed to be left completely untouched for years without any detrimental effect to the quality of the installation.

However, especially if the installation forms part of your driveway or garden, you might want to keep it looking like new for the future, so here’s are a few do’s and don’ts to keep your resin bound or resin bonded surfacing looking like the day it was installed:

Do – sweep the area regularly with a stiff nylon or general household/garden broom. This should effectively remove leaves, dried dirt and general exterior detritus. Do not be tempted to use harsh equipment like metal bristles as this can damage the surface.

Do – feel free to treat surfacing with proprietary algae products if the area is shaded or prone to moss. Also, any small saplings that have germinated in the pores of resin bound paving can be easily picked out. As a general rule, both resin bound and resin bonded paving should stay weed-free by design.

Don’t – be tempted to remove tough stains by pressure washing the area too aggressively. A pressure washer of normal domestic standards are absolutely fine to use, but must only be applied using the ‘fan’ setting and not the direct pressure mode. Maximum Bar pressure must be observed as to not damage the surface.

Don’t – think you have to spend money on expensive patio cleaning products etc. Standard household detergent such as washing up liquid does an excellent job as it’s de-greasing non-toxic properties remove dirt and stains without harsh chemicals.

For tough stains you can consider using a 1:10 bleach solution, or if you prefer chemical free, baking soda or vinegar work equally well, and are safer for pets and plants!

Finally, should you need to clean the surface of more extreme soiling such as motor oils or chewing gum etc., please contact us for a list of specialist contract cleaning companies in your area.