Here at HMS, our Decra®Set porous resin bound paving isn’t just for pedestrian and road surfacing use. With a little alteration to the specification, our resin bound paving becomes HMS®TreePit; a fully accredited, SUDS compliant arboricultural surfacing system.

Our HMS®TreePit system combines larger graded aggregates than that found in traditional resin bound paving, meaning an increase in the volume of water and air able to circulate through the completed product. HMS®TreePit is a fantastic choice for areas around trees and planting which require a constant and plentiful source of water and air.

Our HMS®TreePit can be used with either newly planted or mature trees.  It is especially popular in public realm environments such as parks and shopping centres. The TreePit product can be trafficked by pedestrians and occasional vehicle use, and can be cleaned using industrial street cleansing equipment.

With its contemporary appearance, and low maintenance, HMS®TreePit is a very popular alternative to more traditional iron tree grilles from both a cost and maintenance perspective. For larger areas, our resin system is also compatible with additional watering systems such as Greenleaf Arbor Systems.

Our HMS®TreePit can be installed between 40-100mm in depth, depending on the parameters of the individual area. Our TreePit system is available on both a supply-and-fit, and material only option, should you be looking to self-install.

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